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Pay per click (PPC) is a form of online advertising where you, the advertiser, only pay when someone clicks on your ad. PPC ads are commonly placed at the top right hand side of a search engine results page (just above the organic results) They are very easy to noticed as they will either be labelled as ‘Sponsored Results or ‘Ads.


A Keyword is a term used by a Google user to search for a product/service.
Your keyword list will contain a mixture of generic, long tail, GEO Modified and product specific terms. Long tail keywords typically consist of 3 or more words that are specific to your business. These keywords are not competitive, which gives you a higher chance of becoming number1 for that phrase.


PPC advertising is based on keyword selection. The search engine result page will deliver relevant sponsored ads when a user searches for a product/ service. Adverts will contain a title, roughly two description lines and a display UR.

Targeting Options:

PPC shows up immediately on search engines therefore you can receive targeted traffic within an instant.
To save money, PPC Agency Chandigarh recommend that your advertisement is only live for certain times of the day, for example, opening hours. That way, you will not make a loss in sales and profits.

Small businesses should use Location targeting(GEO) so that you can serve your adverts to a defined area of your choice. That way, you can target exactly who you want.

Language Targeting allows advertisers to target their campaigns to a specific language group.

Cost Effective Management:

If PPC isn’t done in the correct way, then it can become very costly. We know that each business has different goals and budgets, which is why MD Web Solutions promise to understand your business objectives. We will focus your spend on your marketing strategy and what you would like to achieve within a certain period of time and the most cost effective way to do this.

How to start your PPC?

You are welcome to contact one of our marketing consultants as we will provide you with some more guidance and answer any questions you may have.


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