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Multi Dimension Web Solutions are frequently developing the latest and inventive web application software which allows our clients to connect with the full powers of today’s online opportunities. We have a specialist team of expert developers working in-house on effective software solutions, which are fast, reliable and secure.

Our software development company Chandigarh team have the knowledge and technical experience to propose products which are at the vanguard of the rapidly moving world of web development.

We build our online software products to be customized, by tweaking them to fit around your organisation and business operations, so that you can get the best from our cutting edge products. We are proud in saying that we create adaptable software that is relevant and highly useable for a whole range of sectors, such as finance, legal and construction, as well as retail and the travel industry. However, we keep prices down, whilst never compromising on the quality of each assignment we take on.

For you as an end user, our software does not require years of experience. It allows you and your staff to take full advantage of the wealth of uses our systems can be put to. We assure you that it doesn’t take much of your valuable time to learn how to use it.
Our customers are most important to us, that is why we place you in contact with our system architects and developer as you can tell them exactly what you require, and get a much quicker response then you would going through us first.

We offer a variety of web application software development packages which we will tailor to meet the needs of your company.

Our Web Software Products

Have a look at the products we offer:

Committees Manager – Committees Manager fulfils your committee’s admin needs, allowing the creation, publication and storage of agendas and minutes, in a secure and handy manner. Ideal for a wide variety of businesses, law firms and community groups.

Community Master – Community Master allows you to easily create and upkeep a community website which is affordable, reliable and secure. This forward-thinking content management system is ideal for community groups, voluntary organizations, churches and smaller businesses. You can choose from a range of flexible, additional components and you only pay for the features you want.

Content Master – This powerful enterprise level content management system (CMS), allows larger organizations to create and control a professional site. The software is highly flexible and permits staff to update and manage content without any specialist skills.

Consultation Master – Consultation Master can connect you to the public or your customers, allowing you to gain vital information for your business. Ideal for customer service or research departments. This progressive software allows you to create your own consultations and analyse the results in a wide variety of graphical formats.

Document Master – Saves valuable time and space with an advanced enterprise level document management system (DMS). Document Master is a powerful piece of software allowing organizations to archive, retrieve and manage documents at the click of a mouse in a way which is secure, reliable and rapid.

E- Commerce Suite – This handy software system allows businesses to offer online retail. The e- commerce suite is reliable and secure, allowing your customers to buy your goods online. It includes product inventory, basket, payment integration with EPDO and other optional components you may require.

E- Democracy Suite – Ideal for local government. The e-Democracy suite allows connection and interactivity with the public. It includes a wide variety of appropriate components, which can be purchased as required.

Forms Master – Designed for public consultations, Forms Master allows a wide range of organization to create their own custom forms, surveys, questionnaires and more. Data is collated, analysed and fed back to you with this highly flexible interactive software.

FIRS – Our advanced Food Information Reporting System software has been specially built to meet the needs of the Scores on the Doors scheme. It is a flexible product which allows efficient data collation, analysis and publication on food safety and standards.

Generic Directory – This useful Generic Directory software permits the easy and rapid creation of a directory in any area and has been used extensively by local governments, clubs, groups, organisations etc. Graphic and protected fields are available alongside other optional components.

Leisure Bookings – Leisure Bookings is a dynamic software product with a client and admin interface. It allows admin staff to list leisure opportunities, and the public to easily search for these and book online.

MARS-PDA Reports Software – Our Mobile Auditing Reports Software for PDA units allows your staff to organise, manage, retrieve and audit entirely through this handy piece of kit. Ideal for organizations with remote staff.

Policy Manager – A useful extension product for our Document Master software. Policy Manager identifies documents as company policy and can even create questionnaires to ensure that are understood. Although it has a wide variety of uses, this software is especially useful for testing staff on understanding of health and safety.

Web Self Service – providing 24 hour support to your customers and lowering your organisation costs. Web Self Service is one of our most popular and beneficial software products. It allows customers and staff to perform routine tasks and gain information online. Even offering many opportunities for improving service levels.

Recruit Master – Our Recruit Master software is an extremely cost-effective way of recruiting. It guides both HR staff and candidates through the application process in an efficient and professional manner.

Refuse Master –Cut expensive, time-consuming calls with Refuse Master. This bespoke software application allows the public to view their refuse collection dates and times online and is easily customised and managed.

Resource Master –From rooms to equipment; manage multiple resources with Resource Master. Resources can even be booked across multiple locations. A great product for councils, schools, businesses and all types of organisations.

Search Master –Our extremely powerful search engine software allows you to retrieve results which are highly relevant. With an intuitive automatic classification system, this software also includes many options for customising result listings and offers abstract for easy searching.

Taxonomy Master –To comply with government standards online files must be correctly classified. Taxonomy Master does automatically does this for you when a file is uploaded, saving time and the need for specialist knowledge. You will also benefit from easier and more efficient searching and file management.

Web Self Service –Providing 24 hour support to your customers and lowering your organisation’s costs, Web Self Service is one of our most popular and beneficial software products. It allows customers and staff to perform routine tasks and gain information online, even offering many opportunities for improving service levels.


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