Chandigarh Ecommerce Website Design & Development

We are all familiar with eCommerce, thanks to the success of outlets such as eBay and Amazon. Trends show that shopping online is taking over from the high street in many fields and where it’s not taking over, it still has a large portion of the market.

As a brand, what is better than your own boutique? You can have an optimized, custom built eCommerce website.

We offer Magento, WordPress and entirely bespoke websites. Whatever the template you choose, your eCommerce website will show your brand.

Magento is a leading platform which was developed specifically for eCommerce and therefore offers plugins, such as gift cards, more customisable shipment, plus payment options and order fulfillment. It is created with the necessity of sales in mind. Whereas WordPress is best if you want to integrate your online shop into a broader website. You can add plugins for sales on WordPress too. A custom-made eCommerce website instead allows you to personalize your offer even more. The implications for your marketing of both platforms and bespoke website are different. The team at MD Web Solutions will help you pick the best choice for your business, based on your unique needs.

We design our websites with two things in mind: easy use for the owner and easy use for the customer. Making it easy to use for the customer means that we also make it easy for them to find on the search engines. You don’t need to be on big generic platforms to reach the majority of potential clients anymore.

We will help you with your marketing at all stages. SEO, ‘Pay Per Click – PPC’, email marketing and social media are all viable ways to keep your business under the spotlight. The websites we design are suitable for search engines that ensure your customers requirements to make quick and safe purchases from your online outlet are available.

The technical aspects of your eCommerce website is as important to us as building your brand reputation so that visitors become converts. Your online outlet must leave long-lasting positive impressions and encourage people to trust you with their money. We want them to come back to purchase again and again and tell their network of contacts about you.

If you want to take a holistic approach to your eCommerce website and build a strategy that works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Multi Dimension Web Solutions.


“Thank you for completely redesigning our website in just a matter of weeks! Your designers took the time and effort to understand our business objectives so that our vision could turn into a finished product that both our clients and we love. We never made it easy for you guys and never once did you complain, in fact you found a solution for just about everything and even gave us […]

Will- Boxstation

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